The School of Hard Knocks

ABOUT Nicole S. Brown

Nicole S.  Brown



A young talented educator tries hard to maintain classes when disrespected by administrators in front of high school students at Westwood High School. The students have high performance scores on a predictor exam that is correlated to performance on high stakes assessments. Rude administrators harass and fail to support this young teacher with logically needed supplies to run the class. After numerous complaints she turns to God for assistance, God guides her via creativity. The leaders state that she is not teaching the subjects and that she was not disciplining the classes. Indeed that was strategy for her to be removed from the classroom many times but did not work. The students saw her publicly humiliated by leaders so they mimicked what they did and instead of the students being punished Ms. Nikki Broussard was. The second semester rolls in and Ms. Broussard is no longer employed and leaves in a way that was not following procedures. Nikki was deeply saddened by this event. Ms Broussard's status changes in many ways: Nikki gets world reknown as a poet, author,and teacher. The young educator gets paid double for her trouble for the trials that she faced at this school. She regains employment at Westwood High School as department head/ teacher of multidisciplinary sciences as many other events that God placed in her life story to get God's glory.This book includes activities, discussion questions, vocabulary, and poetry devised by Ms. Broussard.