Why Your Boss is Programmed to be a Dictator: A book for anyone who has a boss or is a boss

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Do you have a bad boss or have you had a bad boss? If you haven't chances are, sadly, you will have one in the future. Bosses induce anything from nervousness and anxiety to fear and absolute terror. But why do bosses behave badly? Why do apparently assertive and intelligent people bow down to bad bosses? To solve the problem of bad bosses, conventional books tell you how to deal with a bad boss, or how to become a better boss yourself. But this new book makes the radical argument that bosses behave the way they do because of something outside of them. Similarly, something outside of you makes you behave submissively towards your bosses.

What's that something? Through a field of study called Systems Thinking, this book investigates, and shows you why bosses are effectively programmed to be dictators. It also reveals how this results in our workplaces being built on the shaky foundation of fear, not freedom. Using real life examples including the world's worst aviation accident, the two space shuttle disasters and the war on Iraq, the book examines the devastating consequences of the way organizations currently work. Ultimately, beyond getting you to do things differently, this book will change the way you look at the issue of leadership in organizations.