HUSH: A Dezeray Jackson Novel (Sinfully Scandalous Mysteries, Book 1)

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Kori D. Miller

Publisher : Back Porch Writer Press

ABOUT Kori D. Miller

Kori D. Miller
Kori D. Miller writes the Sinfully Scandalous Mysteries and the Deadly Sins series at a tiny, narrow desk in her living room. Inspired by a small, but mighty collection of Funko Pops, Kori creates masterfully twisted plots for your entertainment.



"The plot is masterful, packed full of action, twists, and turns that you just don’t see coming." ~ Readers' Favorite, 2016

Cold cases are cold for a reason. And PI Dezeray Jackson hates working them. She has, ever since the murder of her sister. But when the unsolved case of a 13-year-old girl falls into Dez’s lap, she can’t walk away.

Criminal justice student, Tamara Steele, asks Dez to check into the case. The only thing Dez knows is that the girl stormed from her house, never seen again, until her friends stumbled over her body. With all the leads dried up, and no witnesses, Dez must find a fresh place to start.

The girl’s stepfather seems to be a likely candidate. The two argued the night the girl disappeared, but the police couldn’t link him to her death. Each of her friends hasn’t strayed far from home, so Dez prioritizes interviewing them. When they give different details that don’t quite match up with the events surrounding the girl’s death, can Dez chalk it up to faded memories of pre-teen adolescence? And what about the sex offender from the initial investigation? Where is he, now?

As details unfold, and secrets unravel, Dez gets closer to discovering the truth. But when she identifies the killer, can she prevent another person’s death?

If you like a pull-no-punches sleuth and a masterful, captivating plot with lots of twists and turns, then you’ll love author Kori D. Miller’s compelling book.

Readers who like Janet Evanovich, Marcia Muller, or Sue Grafton will enjoy getting to know this hot new private investigator from the Midwest. She’s got a penchant for weapons, good-looking men, and a great game of pool. And only one of these helps her solve cases.

Buy this first book in the Sinfully Scandalous Mysteries series and put your whodunit skills to the test!

**The first three books in the Sinfully Scandalous Mysteries series are best read in order, but only because of the well-developed subplot. Yeah, there’s one of those! Two mysteries in one. I promise you’ll know who did what in the 13-year-old’s cold case by the end of Hush. But will you figure it out before Dez?


"The plot is masterful, packed full of action, twists, and turns that you just don’t see coming." ~ Readers' Favorite, 2016

"A throwback to the good old days of Hollywood film noir - it's about character and motivation, not explosions and ammo. For mystery readers, Hush is a fast, fun, enjoyable read." - Jenni Wiltz, author of The Romanov Legacy