CHILLI BITES: Revenge, a Dish Best Served Cold

ABOUT Diane Van Der Westhuizen

Diane Van der Westhuizen
I jumped off the office job hamster wheel and started doing what I should've done yeeeeaaars ago - writing! It sure as heck doesn't pay the bills (turns out the world wasn't gagging for my work), but at least I'm finally using what little talent I was given. It's taken years but I'm now p More...



Dark humour spices these twisted tales of love, betrayal and revenge; where the innocent have the pleasure of watching Karma deliver the coup de grace to the unsuspecting guilty. There is an executor of deceased estates, or ‘the CSI of the lives of the recently interred and the crisply cremated’ as she calls herself; spouses who exact justice on their cheating partners and a dowager who has the last laugh while on her deathbed. The twists in the stories’ endings prove that Karma’s punishment always fits the crime to perfection.