Delwyn of the Realms: Storming Archives - Book 1

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Kelly Proudfoot

Publisher : Amazon and Createspace

ABOUT Kelly Proudfoot

Kelly Proudfoot
Australian born and bred, now living in Nashville Tennessee with her husband Robert and two black cats - Thor and Vali. Kelly's articles have been published in Llewellyn's Almanacs, such as the 2011 Magical Almanac, 2012 Witches' Spell A Day Almanac and the 2013 Herbal Almanac.


A Portal Fantasy series - By Kelly Proudfoot

In Delwyn of the Realms, we follow thirty year old Delwyn Tidwell through a mirror portal to the world of dreams. After a traumatic childhood, broken marriage and psychotic break, she flees to the country to lick her wounds and recuperate.

Her Aunt Gwen welcomes her to Magpie Meadows - a dairy farm in Australia. Gwen expects Delwyn to keep taking her medication and to attend therapy sessions with Dr Purdieu, however - Delwyn much prefers the world behind the mirror and only pretends to take her meds and endure therapy in order to appease her Aunt.

In the world of dreams (known as "Onesol") she meets her guide, Varun. He is half-man, half sea-horse. He teaches Delwyn all about Onesol and how to use it. She must not abuse her time there, as she learns that she has to face her Shadow to become properly integrated - in preparation for a destiny that will take her to the other realms and beyond!

Delwyn gets herself in and out of some sticky situations. Avoiding her Shadow brings much calamity, and keeping Onesol a secret proves to
be harder than she thought. Accompanied by Peter (Gwen's cat) she has many wonderful adventures in Onesol, before the "real" world closes in and
threatens to cut her off from the "fantasy" realm she adores.

Can she turn her back on Greg - the man who has always loved her?

Is Varun telling the truth about her destiny as a Portal Stormer?

Which realm is the fantasy?

"Delwyn of the Realms" (Book 1 in the Storming Archives) is a fantasy story that has adventure, a little romance, humor and a few dashes of horror!

Since I was a child, I've always been fascinated with mirrors. My elders had to cover the mirrors at night, as I was often found in front of them "talking to the other girl". I also dealt with hypnopompic hallucinations and astral projection. Later on, I became enamored with the idea of alternate worlds, portals to other dimensions and mythology. I've used my experiences and research into these realms for the creation of The Storming Archives.


"While searching for a good story to "get lost in", I ran across this title. I felt this might fit the bill, as I am a "dreamer" and the description piqued my curiosity. I was richly rewarded! I was captivated with the story from the beginning, and was very disappointed when I found that I had turned the final page. Great job with leaving me wanting MORE... I am eagerly awaiting the sequel!" 5 stars "Captivating!" by Drumming Thunder.

"I love your story! I can't wait for the rest of it! I read your story that from front to back in one day and just loved it. I love the characters and how they flesh out. I was reading it and I could see the images in my mind of the current settings. This book is an easy read, hard to put down and would translate great onto the "Big Screen". -- Waiting for more" 5 stars "Can't wait for more!" by Ella Gene


"I don't often read fantasy, but after reading this brilliant book, that will have to change. Loved the story and shall look forward to reading more books by Kelly Proudfoot." 5 stars - by Alan

"Picked up the Book and never laid it down till I was finished, There were many twists and turns as she discovered herself, well written.." 5 stars - by Terry Allen

"...A magnificent tale…warm, heartbreaking, funny and vivid…can’t wait to follow Delwyn and Greg onto the next journey…" 5 stars - by Sterna Kruger