As She Walked Through The Shadow of Death

ABOUT Pamela B. Woods

Pamela B. Woods
I am a business owner residing in Zion IL. I am married (36 years) and have 5 children and 12 granchildren. I am the keeper and "assistant" protector of my large family, which also includes 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. I am curently working on a series of short stories. More...



Annabel grew up in a loving catholic home, she is the oldest of three sisters and is considered, by her family as being strong, smart and responsible. She is known to be the glue that keeps the family together. When she meets and later marries Robert Winslow her life and her world, turns ferociously in an unexpected direction. Her dreams of being married to a rich, handsome doctor is not what she expected, but she is determined to keep her vows to love, honor and obey, she remains her commitment, despite the fact that her husband beat and abuses her often and after the brutal beatings, he hypnotizes her so she won’t remember, with a hope to keep her from leaving him. But, is Annabel really hypnotized or does she go along with it, just to keep her family together until death do them part. Robert Winslow is a rich and powerful Psychiatrist with the inability to be faithful to his beloved Annabel. Robert is well known in his community and by the police as the doctor that analyze and treat patients that has fatally abused their spouses. He is also known as the “go to” doctor for woman and men who are currently in a domestic violence situation and he uses all their stories to further manipulate and control his own family. He also treats the children, the innocent victims leave behind. Robert has to let out his frustrations, and to do that, he may slap his wife around a little. He has become addicted to seeing her suffer from the pain he afflict on her. As his insecurities grow stronger, he realize that seeing Annabel dead is the ultimate high he hunger. Although he loves her to death, he can’t stop. Robert comes from a dysfunctional family and he is creating the same dysfunction in his own family, however he believe, as a Psychiatrist he can fix it at any time. But is he willing to make the changes, to save his marriage or will he let his craving to kill ruin his career and possibly destroy his life.