Salem's Daughters

ABOUT Stephen Tremp

stephen tremp



Following the loss of their promising careers, Bob and Debbie Stevens embark upon opening a bed and breakfast. Their savings depleted and desperate for cash, Bob reluctantly allows Debbie's meddling grandparents to co-sign a three million dollar loan. They purchase a burned down property on twenty five acres in scenic rural southern Michigan and builds Murcat Manor.

Rumors of curses and ghosts haunt the property’s reputation. But the history of two previous houses burning to the ground killing nineteen people do not deter Bob and Debbie from their dream: raising a family while earning a living with one of the few bed and breakfasts in the entire region.

During construction, the Stevens adopt thirteen kittens found in the rubble of the property. The cats are possessed by disembodied souls from daughters of witches put to death during the Salem Witch Trials. Each cat possesses a unique ability, and together they bring terror and death to the guests of Murcat Manor.

With each killing bringing more cancellations, Bob has to get creative. Burdened with massive debt, he devises inventive ways to allure new guests in order to keep up the payments. But the malevolent felines have five previous lives, spanning four centuries, of deviltry and murdering practice to draw on. Their vast experience now enhanced with the use of modern technology, they devise cagey ways to keep killing, including leaving evidence at the scene for detectives to believe Bob and Debbie are the perpetrators.