Color! Just Take It Easy Coloring Book

ABOUT Deborah Gilbert

Deborah Gilbert



I started coloring due to a fall that resulted in a chronic condition--sciatica. For seven months,
I was unable to do much more than sit in a recliner or sleep. To keep my attention away from
the constant pain level of 9 or 10, I colored.
It relaxed me, gave me time to think pleasant thoughts, and allowed me a respite from
worrying about my condition. While overwhelmed by chronic pain and the drugs that
doctors prescribed, I found many hours of peace just by coloring.
I had my pens and pencils carefully within reach. I used a large postal envelope behind my
pages so that my pens did not bleed onto the next page. I imagine a sheet of paper would
work well for this, too.
As I continued my healing, I found that coloring had become my relaxing habit. I gradually
began being able to walk and to resume many of my regular day-to-day activities. However,
each evening I was sore and wiped out. It is this child-like activity that keeps me focused and
gives me hours of pleasure.
I designed this coloring book for everyone, but I keep in mind my fellow chronic pain
su erers and wish them many hours of active engagement and peace.