By Chris Laro

Publisher : ravenwolf.Amazon Kindle

ABOUT Chris Laro

Chris Laro
My name is chris laro and I write under two pen names S.W. Laro and Celia Scott for recent novel on amazon DELCINA'S TREE. I am known as the Hells Kitchen author since I lived in that part of the upper west side of NY for years, My second novel THE BLARNEY BOYS (A Hells Kitchen Tale) will  More...


The life of a Jamaican witch woman of the maroons who can conjure the 'tree of life' for those who are transcending. This is a short novel of merit that leads the reader over a hundred years of this immortal woman who raises three generations of the Longwoods, a powerful railroad family in Vermont while she brings her family to the U.S. The book traces her life from the blue mountains of Jamaica and her birthplace in Kingston to the green mountains of Vt. Emotional and surreal, compassionate and romantic coming of age, 'Delcina's Tree' will become a major motion picture in the future or a mini-series for cable.

Chris Laro (Celia Scott) was raised up by a Jamaican woman Ms Delcina Brown in the 1970s. She passed in 2012 and in honor he finally published the novel on amazon as an ebook soon to be a paperback in 2016. The novella was pitched to Harp/Oprah in 07 but did not make it to final round and now the fully edited version of the book is available now. 'Young Delcina walked along a beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica and glanced down to see a strange seedling shining up at her in the sand....'