Sikh Confessions: A Lion's Roar. A Poet's War.

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Sikh Confessions: A Lion's Roar. A Poet's War.




This manuscript will give you a brief glimpse into the mind of a contemporary Sikh. Unable to compromise, I give to you a collection of poetic, philosophical, and factual confessions.

Chapter One:

Mothers and fathers were murdered, sisters were violated, brothers were tortured and executed, friends were ambushed and sprayed down with bullets, households were looted, the Golden Temple was near-decimated, rare Sikhie manuscripts were turned to ashes, and a quarter million were annihilated. The invasion of Punjab by the Indian government in the year 1984 to 1992 scarred the Sikh collective consciousness. Forgive we will... but how to forget?

This chapter is an expression of the feelings that still haunt the Sikh nation, and a factual representation of the attempt at genocide by the Indian government.

Chapter Two:

In the year 1699, the spiritual realm conspired and inspired the Great Gobind to establish the Khalsa, the foremost covenant of the past 1000 years. This chapter is a salutation to that mystical union.

Chapter Three:

The Sikh nation is still under attack, but not in the traditional sense, and not only from one direction. Of this, Chapter Three is an expression.

Chapter Four:

It is victory over the five thieves and submission to The Absolute Condition; it is victory over Maya and submission to Heaven. This chapter briefly explores some of the leading numinous lessons presented by the Sikhie philosophy.