The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (Poison Fruit Book 1)

ABOUT J P Lundstrom

j p  lundstrom



Her name is Melanie Carpenter. Or is it?
She’s a bookkeeper at a million-dollar corporation. Or is she something more?
She’s a gorgeous blonde who knows how to tempt a man. Just ask detective Jerry Slocum.
On Saturday, March 25, 1950, a man is found stabbed to death. His body lies at the foot of the stairs leading to apartment 3D. Inside, Melanie Carpenter lies dying—of a drug overdose. Did she kill him, or did someone try to kill them both?
Why would anyone want to kill her? She isn’t rich, doesn’t know any secrets. She’s just an orphan who grew up in the foster care system—or is she?
Worst part is, when she wakes up, Mel doesn’t know what happened. Did she do something so terrible her brain won’t let her remember?
The cops want to pin the whole thing on her, tie it with a bow, and be done with it. Well. maybe not all of them. Ask Jerry. He’s willing to follow this investigation wherever the beautiful blonde may lead.
It’s a simple case—or is it?