The Healing Drum: African Ceremonial and Ritual Music

Excerpts & Samples

By Yaya Diallo

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Yaya Diallo

Yaya Diallo
Born and raised in Mali, West Africa into the Minianka (Bamana) tribe, Yaya Diallo learned to play balafon and hand drums under the instruction of his grandfather and spiritual mentor, Nangape.



Traces the extraordinary cultural legacy of the Minianka tribe of West Africa, for whom music serves a sacred, healing function for the individual and society. This authentic, traditional chanting and singing expresses the full potential for the sacred and the magical in music. Companion CD to the book The Healing Drum.
"This is music that hasn't had its wings clipped; music that still possesses the full potential for the sacred and the magical that it had at the beginning of the world."
Magazine of the Place des Arts

"I have been searching for an authentic, traditional CD with chanting and singing, and now I have finally found it."
Body Mind Spirirt Magazine, October 2003