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ABOUT Natasha Carmon

Natasha Carmon
      Natasha Carmon is a graduate of Trousdale County High School in Hartsville, Tn. and was nominated Who’s Who among American High School Students. After high school, she went straight into the work force to earn a living and within the past ten years of her life, changes in her More...



Stacy Lloyd is a businessman seeking ways to elevate his wealth, brand, and personal pleasure. His model girlfriend, Lovely, is the bait to hook his latest conquest Jaitania Aughton, a fashion designer. His sights are on he rto expand his fashion line as well as fulfill the naughty alternative carnal desires that he exists for. There's only one problem. Netanel Belford is out for revenge and he will stop at nothing to harvest his retribution going as far as exploiting Lovely as an unsuspecting pawn. The future looks bleak for Stacy but Netanel's trickery has caught up to him and Stacy may just get what he wants.