ABOUT Lainey Miller

Lainey Miller
My name is Lainey Miller, I'm currently 25 years old, and all my life I have been a writer. Since I could remember, I was always creating characters and plotting stories in my head, always wanting to write the next big hit. I used to annoy my family greatly because wherever I went, a trail More...


Daemortis is an ancient figure of myth and legend, known for taking children and keeping their souls for all eternity. But that is only a myth. After a series of children go missing in her small town, Alyssa Grand will find there's something more sinister lingering around than people realize. Before long she learns that not only is Daemortis real, but it's not after her! As she tries everything in her power to try and stop it, her friends are taken one-by-one in its path of terror. She'll soon find that the longer she avoids Daemortis, the more miserable it will make her life. It becomes a race to find a way to stop Daemortis before it collects her soul, but the more she learns about herself, the more she'll learn the truth about Daemortis. Can Alyssa save herself, or will she be doomed to an eternity of darkness like all the children before her?