The Car of the Future and Other Stories

ABOUT Ken Wasil

Ken Wasil
     I have written A Great Escape: Short Stores for Travelers, Mr. Thoreau Goes to Boston, Rivers of Words, and African Safari for Women.      I enjoy reading, traveling, and teaching. You might find me trekking through the jungles of Africa, lazing along the shore of a verdant ri More...



In this coming of age collection of short stories, Technology and modern values turn the world upside down as the new edges out the old and breaks the 20th Century's way of doing things wide open.

Clark, Jennifer, Rebecca and an international network of students design and build the "Car of the Future" that runs on "pure clean air" and flies through the sky like a bird. They must fight off a conspiracy of oil producing countries that is set on making every last dime from what is known as "black gold". The motley group relies on the Sequoia, a native tribe from South America, secret agents from a foreign country, and a space station refuge to assist them towards presenting their Car of the Future to mankind.

Also in this collection of sixteen stories:

Security Guard Mom – a mother of six children, who is an artists and teacher, returns to work in the only job she can find and introduces new ways of treating wrong doers and solving crimes.

The Crown of the World - A flight from Bangkok to New York City is hijacked by terrorists and then crashes on a snow covered mountain high in the Himalayan Mountains. The passengers, from a variety of countries, work together to survive and find a way to return to civilization and their daily lives.

The Flood – a farming family on the Mississippi River that befriends dogs, cats, raccoon, birds, and any other wild creatures that come along, is split apart by a devastating flood.

The Shepherdess – a young woman takes a temporary job herding sheep, so she has food to eat and a place to live after being robbed while traveling in Sophia, Bulgaria. She falls in love with the young man and the family she is working for.

The Care and Feeding of Elephants - Emu befriends an elephant, who saves him from drowning after he is thrown into a river by bullies while playing soccer. Emu, Gotva, and the elephant they name Mountain, travel the jungle fighting evil.