ABOUT Karen Rubio

Karen Rubio
My name is Andrew and I am a recovering addict who has devoted my life to helping other addicts and families of addicts to beat their addictions. I live in Bergen County, New Jersey. I surf, doing MMA, box, read, write, and love the outdoors. I am married to an amazing woman named Karen wi More...



Every year more Americans die of drug abuse than died in the whole Vietnam War. This is the true story of an addict named Andrew who grew up in an unimaginably abusive family. This led to heroin and becoming a hopeless addict destined to die with a needle in his arm. His life seemed normal on the outside but inside was anything but. He goes from an upper-class world, college, even working for the DEA, and driving a Ferrari; to rehabs, jails, being homeless, and even death. When all hope was lost, some people he considers "angels" entered his life. One person, in particular, refused to give up on him when everyone told her too. She was able to love him until he could start to love himself again. Through her determination, he was able to find the strength to look into the real reasons for his addiction. Once he understood the real reasons behind his addiction he was able to beat his addiction to drugs and turn his life around. This book is a wild ride that will amaze, bewilder, amuse, and leave you speechless. People who have read it have said it was one of the "most interesting books they have ever read", "I never wanted to put it down", and "I really felt I was there with him". Most importantly this book will give hope to anyone that is suffering from addiction or knows someone that is suffering from addiction and will help save lives. It shows us how working together we can beat this opiate epidemic.