Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness—A Memoir of New Beginnings

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Keri Mangis



Join author Keri Mangis on a mystical ride as a determined truth-seeker unexpectedly meets her journeying soul, leading to greater self-acceptance, a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death, and the realization that every new beginning provides a rich opportunity for healing and personal evolution.

Serene Voyager, known as Sëri in the Soul Realm, reassesses her eternal journey before embarking on her next lifetime in the Earth Realm. For companionship, she has her soul friend, Rasa; her soul animal, a silver-eyed wolf named Endless Curiosity; and distinctive characters that personify her emotions. Through parallel stories, Sëri discovers that joy derives from knowing who you really are inside your human skin. 

Serene Voyager, known as Sëri in the Soul Realm, assesses her eternal journey before embarking on her next lifetime in the Earth Realm. Meanwhile, in the Earth Realm, twenty-year-old Keri moves away from her birthplace of North Dakota and unwittingly surrenders her self-worth for safety, her personal power for approval, and her intuition for false promises. Later, when her chosen roles of businesswoman, wife, mother, and yoga teacher thrust her into an identity crisis rather than imbue her life with meaning, she forges a relationship with her soul, Sëri. Through parallel stories, Sëri helps Keri discover that joy derives not from successful role-playing but from knowing who you really are inside your human skin.









Praise for


Embodying Soul: A Return to Wholeness

by Keri Mangis



These pages offer the voice of Keri Mangis, a writer of modern sensibility who dares leap across time and space to unveil the true nature of soul. This book is a lovely memoir, yet its rare power and beauty is that it awakens your own soul in daily life. Read this book!


—Christina Donnell, Ph.D., Author

Transcendent Dreaming: Stepping Into Our Human Potential


Keri Mangis has written a book to be savored over a cup of herbal tea, shared with friends, sections bookmarked, and once completed kept nearby for further reference. Part autobiography, part self-help, part soul-realm imagination, this book is a flowing stream of gathering awareness. There are stretches of hazardous rapids, sudden twists and turns and quiet, deep pools of reflection. Sheltered in the deep pools, insights are shared, lessons emerge, and wisdom is gained.


This is a story so many of us can relate to. Written with an easy-flowing style, the reader is pulled in; captivated, wondering what will happen next, and how the author might find a way through. She always does, eventually, learning lessons and growing in compassion. All the major emotions are encountered, felt, explored and related. Each with its own personality, becoming a companion along the way, not just an affliction to be ignored, shoved aside or belittled. Written with an inventive, engaging style, there is humor, depth, drama, comedy, humility and profound humanity. Explored are topics of family, religion, spirituality, soul, corporate culture, intimate relationships, spirit guides, enlightenment and embodiment as personally lived experience. This is a fine book, an excellent book. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.


—Ronald E. Moor

Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Guide


The courage of Keri Mangis to engage in a public dialogue with her soul is a feat not to be taken lightly. Her book, Embodying Soul, will shape how we all communicate with ourselves and rediscover the truth of our souls.


—Tim Miejan, Editor & Publisher

The Edge magazine



New stories are coming through — living, breathing, beauty, here to heal our collective imagination: Keri Mangis’ Embodying Soul belongs to this emergent art form, stretching into a vast star-field of potential, both within and beyond the self. Through the lens of her own life story, told with vulnerability, humor, and grace, Mangis invites us into a world where the rich inner landscape of the psyche is always speaking, always full of gifts for us — she whispers, growls, laughs, prays, becomes newborn again and again, always in and through the body. We receive these gifts of her curiosity unleashed, her self-mothering, her inner re-wilding, and are set free of the old limits on our imaginations. Be ready, dear reader, adventuring into this book may change you. You may find yourself more aware of the inner conversation between your emotions. You may find yourself listening for the voice of your own sweet soul. You may just forgive yourself for the times you haven’t listened. And you may remember — in the form of goose bumps, tears of recognition, a warm sun in your belly, or some other sensation that implicates you in this riotous dance called life — another gleaming facet of who you came here to be.


Opal C McCarthy, Author, SURGE, Poems


From personal separation of self to the return/reclamation of Soul, Embodying Soul is a fascinating sojourn into Keri’s life process, which she courageously shares — a journey that will inspire the reader’s own Soul process.


Carol J. Murto, Author

Soul Awareness: A Spiritual Awakening to Self-Knowledge and Healing


I recall Embodying Soul on a daily basis and for this reason Keri’s work feels like not just her memoir, but my memoir ... and maybe your memoir too. Reading about Seri’s soul adventure was an invitation into my own. This book feels like it was designed to give me better clarity on past behaviors, current life choices, and future endeavors. It’s a gift to escape into another’s story while also gaining greater understanding of your own! I will read this book again (and again) and know that it will unveil even more each time.


—Heather Corndorf

mXe Founder & Movement Specialist


In her engaging, insightful novel, Embodying Soul, Keri Mangis shares her deep wisdom about the journeys we all embark on with each human incarnation, and the soul purpose behind all we experience in our "skins", or bodies. Through her authentic, relatable heroine, Seri, in collaboration with Seri's soul friend, Rasa, Keri unfolds one woman's tale of discovering the Great Truth of our lives and the loving purpose for all we undergo on earth. Ultimately, she shows us how to discover joy.


For readers seeking inspirational knowledge about their higher purpose, their Soul guides, and the lessons of every life, Embodying Soul is a marvelous, heart-opening excursion.


—Christine Warren, Teacher, Author

Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings




This is a book about deep living. It is a book about courage. It is about searching, finding and telling the truth. And it gives the rest of us an example for how we, too, can mine the depths of our own lives to find what it is we are really looking for in order to live an authentic, meaningful and flourishing life.

Dr. Henry Emmons

Integrative Psychiatrist and Author

Embodying Soul, a courageous piece of work, speaks to the beauty and pain of the human condition. Keri Mangis captivates the reader with her vulnerability, creativity, and insight, inspiring us to explore the true depth of our souls to better understand ourselves and one another. This book is sure to infuse more purpose and meaning into your life.

Julie Burton, Author

The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother’s

Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being 

Founder of ModernWell



"The author’s principal goal is to inform, and the book becomes a kind of self-help guide that encourages intuition, communication, and letting go. A nontraditional but effective memoir about one woman’s discovery of spiritualism."

                                                                                                                                       —Kirkus Reviews



“Have you ever thought about contacting your soul? Well, this memoir might help you do it. . . .

The book is profound and will help readers look at life with a different perspective and work toward being in alignment with their life, embodying characteristics like softness, calmness, approachability, courage, humility, patience, and strength.”


—Mamta Mahavan

Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite



“An inspiration for the women who lose themselves in nurturing their families and the lives of other people. There is no shame in loving yourself and making an effort to find yourself. I hope that many women take this book as an inspiration to make their lives . . . exactly what they want and not what other people want.”


—Rabia Tanveer

Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite



“This volume not only describes the . . . choices that its author makes but also combines the narrative of a kind of spirit guide [who teaches her] the importance of getting to know her true self. . . . The two distinct narratives keep the work fresh and interesting as the conversation between soul and self deepens. A truly unique and highly motivational read with plenty of uplifting qualities.”


—K.C. Finn

Reviewer, Readers’ Favorite