Hoes In Da Hood

ABOUT Author Jill Shawntaye Kapri

Author Jill Shawntaye Kapri



Hoes In Da Hood, takes you through the lives, and everyday struggles of women, who's seeking love, attention and a free meal ticket out of the hood, when it comes to their wants they will stop at nothing to get it, whether it's betraying friendships, family members etc. Nothing matters to them but material things and which nigga have the most money to take care of them, Hoes in da hood is filled with drama, jealousy, and envy. The hood doesn't sleep, and the women from the hood doesn't either! They are always plotting and scheming their next come up. Treasure is on her second child stuck between several men in her life. Lala, Lynn, and Krystal have one man in common; two want his heart, one want whatever is in his pockets. Cousin Woo sets the neighborhood on fire every time she steps outside of her front door, from gossip to throw downs Woo is always there to get the first seat. As the tables turn, Trinity the main woman in a dope boy's life finds herself stuck in the hood, while living lavishly but at a price to pay of belittling herself to fit into the small hood world. These chicks come from all types of hustles, some hustle harder than others, while some play even harder, Hoes In Da Hood will leave you speechless, waiting on the edge of your seat for more drama to fill your cup.