Life to Death: Harmonizing the Transition: A Holistic and Meditative Approach for Caregivers and the Dying

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By Richard W. Boerstler

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Richard W. Boerstler

Richard W. Boerstler
Richard W. Boerstler, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist and thanatologist practicing in the Boston area.



Written for the terminally ill and their families as well as for hospice workers and others involved in the care of the dying, Life to Death introduces the technique of co-meditation: a method for helping a patient maintain a "clear mind and peaceful heart" during the process of dying. For centuries Tibetan lamas have used special breathing techniques and shared meditation practices to maintain a calm mental state in the dying person and ensure a safe transition. Adapting these powerful principles of consciousness transformation to modern Western needs, the authors have made accessible to all a profoundly compassionate technique for helping those most in need. 

In addition to easing the suffering of the terminally ill, co-meditation provides families and other loved ones with a meaningful and constructive way of supporting the dying person.

The book covers a wide range of topics associated with death and dying and provides comfort and coping stategies. 

Hospice staffs, AIDS volunteers, caregivers, and those who are facing death themselves will find this guide invaluable. A separate chapter addresses the special needs of those with AIDS and other debilitating conditions and those who care for them. 

Life to Death also includes a script for a co-meditation session, complete with relaxation and visualization techniques. 

"This relaxation technique slows respiration and pulse rate, lowers body temperature and blood pressure, releases anxiety, and helps alleviate stress and pain."
The Boston Globe

"This book differs from others about death and dying because it explains how we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable transition, also help others who are terminally sick and dying and come to terms with the grief and anguish over the loss of a loved one. The book explains comediation - a useful technique developed by Tibetan Lamas to ease the pain and suffering of those who are about to make the transition. A book of practical wisdom that helps people face their deaths with dignity and helps their loved ones to surmount the grief over the loss."
East and West Series

Many helpful suggestions and practical needs are addressed in this book that would especially benefit the families and caregivers of ill and dying people.
Martha Kleindienst, MS, RN, CNN
ANNA Journal

"Comeditation's prescribed meditative and breathing techniques are adaptable to any philosophy and state of health, even for those who have never meditated before. The caregiver's opportunity to relate intimately with the consciousness of the dying in the last days leads to a sense of peace rather than remorse in the bereavement period."
Ruth Buczynski, Ph.D., president,
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine