Little Krishna

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By Harish Johari

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

Little Krishna

ABOUT Harish Johari

Harish Johari
Harish Johari (1934-1999) was a distinguished North Indian author, Tantric scholar, poet,musician, composer, artist, and gemologist who held degrees in philosophy and literature and made it his life's work to introduce the culture of his homeland to the West. Here is a hot link to a web si More...



The adventures of young Lord Krishna, enjoyed for centuries by Indian children, now available for Western children.

• Includes 40 detailed illustrations painted in authentic and classic Indian style.

• Stories are entertaining as well as instructive.

• A rich slice of popular Indian lore made accessible for Western children. 

For centuries the children of India have grown up hearing the tales of Lord Krishna's adventures as a boy. Krishna has been the favorite of young and old alike because of his delightfully mischievous nature yet genuine and soulful heart. Now the entertaining and instructive tales of Krishna's youth are available for Western children, who will likewise be enamored of the magical journeys taken by young Krishna in a land full of mysterious gods and unusual animals. 

With a host of characters drawn from the rich breadth of Indian lore, Little Krishna will show children the value of kindness, the importance of preserving what you create, and the boundless nature of wisdom. Accompanied by the richly intricate color illustrations prepared following the traditional canon, each with prescribed geometric and artistic proportions, these stories will transport children to a magical world filled with ancient wisdom. In India children are taught that the stories of Krishna will help awaken and develop their own spiritual nature and that they should take to heart the lessons little Krishna learned from his adventures. But they also know this ancient lore provides some great storytelling.

"In a market full of opulent children's picture books, this volume stands out."
Tove M. Moon, New Age Retailer, July/August 2003