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ABOUT Liana Margiva

Liana Margiva
Liana Margiva, from Russia, graduated from Russian Institute of Writers in Moscow. Published five books of short stories and poems and translated Poor Folk by F. Dostoevsky, A. Kuprin, Henry Barbusse, Prosper Merime.



"This night, when the sky will be veiled by darkness, which will swallow Earth, I'll come to you--not in person but in a dream when I'm free as a bird. I'll come to see you, to please my heart regardless of the fact that my heart doesn't matter to you anymore, because it loves you like it did when it still believed in your love. This night, when the world slips into peaceful sleep, when the stars come out to replace the sun, I'll come to you to please my eyes, which still yearn to see you. Put your arms around me, kiss me in your dream, and deceive my heart again.