Pain Relief without Drugs: A Self-Help Guide for Chronic Pain and Trauma

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By Jan Sadler

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Jan Sadler

Jan Sadler
Jan Sadler is author and coordinator of the highly successful PainSupport website ( and the author of Pain Relief without Drugs, Peaceful Sleep and The Five Feel-Good Factors. Her pain management programs have been adopted by pain and stress management clinics in hosp More...



A practical, effective, and inspiring guidebook for dealing with chronic pain

• Explains how to reduce pain’s grip on the body and mind by changing your personal reaction to pain

• Presents successful strategies from the author’s 25 years of coping with her own pain

• Includes 55-minute CD of author’s key techniques for controlling pain

In 1989, following surgery for a back injury, Jan Sadler was left in constant pain, with no hope of any further conventional treatment and no adequate prescription drug therapy. Rather than settle for a life of chronic suffering, she gave up her career teaching English and began an investigation into the self-treatment of her pain. Building on her skills as a teacher, she incorporated the pain management techniques she discovered into programs that would help other sufferers learn how to cope with pain and find truly effective relief from its debilitating effects.

Sadler shows how we can reduce pain’s grip by changing our personal reactions to the pain we are feeling. Chronic pain keeps our attention fixed firmly on our anguish, which then feeds the painful reaction back into our perception of being in pain, creating a vicious cycle. By allowing our reaction to become one of relaxation and acceptance, the pain is dramatically lessened, both by the absence of a negative perception and by the infusion of relaxation into the point of pain. In Pain Relief without Drugs, Sadler provides easy-to-use self-help techniques that offer support and understanding in breaking pain’s cycle--from relaxation, visualization, and breathing techniques to setting goals, building self-esteem, and coping with pain flare-ups. The author’s 25 years of coping with her own pain and 16 years of teaching pain management techniques result in a book that is filled with practical activities and possibilities for a better life. The book is accompanied by a 55-minute CD narrated by the author of key techniques for controlling pain.
“Jan Sadler provides age-old methods and sage advice designed to calm the body and the mind through the practice of self-awareness. The result is an inner calm that allows you to gain power over your pain. Whether your pain is physical or emotional, these wonderful practices will be extremely useful.”
Donna Finando, author of Trigger Point Self-Care Manual and Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain

“I thoroughly recommend Pain Relief without Drugs to all chronic sufferers; those who follow its advice will surely benefit.”
Dr. J. C. D. Wells, Pain Research Institute, Liverpool, England

". . . will prove invaluable for any facing a chronic pain condition."
California Bookwatch, Aug 2007

" . . . Sadler spells out a multi-step plan that includes exercise, meditation, visualization, and more to help people deal with their pain naturally."
Rob Ferraz, Vitality, Toronto's Monthly Wellness Journal

"By transforming the emotions attached to our pain, Jan Sadler shows, through her own self-inquiry, that our relationship with pain can be a doorway to our deeper selves."
Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide magazine, Issue No. 24, Mar/Apr 2008