The Phoenix Cards: Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck

Excerpts & Samples

By Susan Sheppard

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Susan Sheppard

Susan Sheppard
An award-winning poet, artist, and astrologer, as well as a highly respected working psychic, Susan Sheppard is also the great-great grandniece of American mystic John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed.



This book and deck provide an important key to past life recall. Each of the 28 images is a visual representation of a particular world culture that will bring into focus the times and places of previous incarnations. The symbols of the Phoenix Deck will trigger unconscious memories that will enable you to see yourself more clearly and help you develop latent talents, identify lessons that must be learned, and explain irrational fears, attractions, and impulses.

This is the first divinatory tool especially created for studying past lives to better understand the present. 
"This unconventional card and book combo is really good clean fun."

"Beautifully designed."
Body Mind Spirit

"Things that you may have been afraid to pursue or express can be brought to the surface using this deck."
Ladyfogg's Deck Reviews, Oct 2005