Sacred Art of Shakespeare: To Take Upon Us the Mystery of Things

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By Martin Lings

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Martin Lings

Martin Lings
Martin Lings (1909-2005) was a renowned British scholar who taught at several European universities and the University of Cairo. He was the keeper of Oriental manuscripts in the British Museum and the British Library and the author of numerous books on religion and spirituality, including  More...



Revised and Expanded Edition of The Secret of Shakespeare

Reveals the full scope of Shakespeare's plays as sacred visionary dramas, illuminating the bard's greatest works and the man behind them

• Reveals how, through the use of esoteric symbol and form, Shakespeare's plays mirror the inner drama of the journey of all souls

• Conveys a heightened understanding of the plays through examining the theatrical rendering of their texts

Through his study of such plays as Hamlet, Othello, MacBeth, and King Lear, Lings supplies expert and inspiring guidance to the beautifully wrought words and worlds of William Shakespeare. Lings's particular genius lies in his ability to convey, as perhaps no one else has ever done, the theatrical renderings of these texts, leaving readers with deep and lasting impressions not only of these masterpieces of dramatic artistry, but of the extraordinary man behind them as well.

"This short book does more to reveal or suggest what in Shakespeare is the quintessence of his greatness than the most laborious exposition could ever do."
Kathleen Raine, author of William Blake and Yeats the Initiate 

"A book that I found hard to put down . . . clearly written from an intimate, personal awareness of the meaning of the symbols that Shakespeare uses to describe the inner drama of the journey of the soul."
H. R. H. The Prince of Wales