Secret Societies of America's Elite: From the Knights Templar to Skull and Bones

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By Steven Sora

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Steven Sora

Steven Sora
Steven Sora has been researching historical enigmas since 1982 and is the author of The Triumph of the Sea Gods, The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar and Secret Societies of America’s Elite. He lives in Easton, Pennsylvania.



An expose of the dark and critical role secret societies play within the ruling families in America and their influence on American democracy, current events, and world history.

• Reveals the enormous influence secret societies still have on contemporary American life.

• Shows how the secret Masonic cells that smuggled in the democratic ideals inspiring the American Revolution also enabled the future elite of the new society to build huge fortunes.

Elite and secret societies have always been a major force in the history of Western civilization. The alliances formed in secret societies such as the Knights Templar, the Knights of Christ, and the Freemasons transcended patriotism and religious beliefs and had a powerful influence on the establishment of the United States of America. While these secret associations of merchants, smugglers, occultists, gamblers, spies, and slavers succeeded in freeing the United States from foreign domination, the dark side is that the elite used their secret connections to further their own wealth and power. These secret cells did not hesitate to sponsor the assassination of a president and even attempted to break up the union on several occasions when it was deemed expedient.

From the Sons of Liberty and the Essex Junto to the Ku Klux Klan, secret societies have played critical roles in building the fortunes of America's elite. Now Steven Sora reveals in alarming detail how secretive societies continue to wield power even today as organizations such as Yale's Skull & Bones unite America's modern ruling families as strongly as Masonic Lodges once connected the Astors, Livingstons, and Roosevelts. Their immense power and wealth allow this elite to control America to an even greater degree than the Templars once dominated Europe.

". . . a simply fascinating, authoritative, strongly recommended study of a metaphysical aspect of human history not shown in most textbooks."
The Midwest Book Review, May 2003

"His investigation makes for a ripping yarn that gives a context to modern-day piracy."
Nexus, September-October 2003, Vol.10 No.5

“A provocative book detailing who among our Founding Fathers participated in such clandestine activities as piracy, drug running, smuggling, slave trading, and multinationalism, and those in our nation’s highest office who have also practiced and benefited from these same illegal activities right up to the 21st century. . . . An intriguing view of some of the planet’s puppeteers.”
Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D., author of America’s Secret Destiny

"Exposes the dark and critical role secret societies play within the ruling families in America."AZ Net News, Aug/Sept 2004

"Steven Sora is an amazing researcher and a thought-provoking writer."
Michael Peter Langevin, Magical Blend, August 2003

" . . . this book deserves a place on the shelves of both new age libraries and collections serious about poliltics and American history."
The Midwest Book Review, Mar 2008