Sun Dancing: A Spiritual Journey on the Red Road

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By Michael Hull

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Michael Hull

Michael Hull
Michael Hull, the first white man to be given a Sun Dance bundle and recognized as a Sundance Chief by traditional Lakota elders, has led Sun Dances in Texas since 1998. He works as a lawyer in Austin, Texas.



A powerful story of one man's redemption through the Lakota Sun Dance ceremony.

• Written by the only white man to be confirmed as a Sundance Chief by traditional Lakota elders.

• Includes forewords by prominent Lakota spiritual leaders Leonard Crow Dog, Charles Chipps, Mary Thunder, and Jamie Sams.

The Sun Dance is the largest and most important ceremony in the Lakota spiritual tradition, the one that ensures the life of the people for another year. In 1988 Michael Hull was extended an invitation to join in a Sun Dance by Lakota elder Leonard Crow Dog-- a controversial action because Hull is white. This was the beginning of a spiritual journey that increasingly interwove the life of the author with the people, process, and elements of Lakota spirituality. On this journey on the Red Road, Michael Hull confronted firsthand the transformational power of Lakota spiritual practice and the deep ambivalence many Indians had about opening their ceremonies to a white man. 

Sun Dancing presents a profound look at the elements of traditional Lakota ceremonial practice and the ways in which ceremony is regarded as life-giving by the Lakota. Through his commitment to following the Red Road, Michael Hull gradually won acceptance in a community that has rejected other attempts by white America to absorb its spiritual practices, leading to the extraordinary step of his confirmation as a Sun Dance Chief by Leonard Crow Dog and other Lakota spiritual leaders. 

"Sun Dancing is a bridge which can take the reader into a deeper understanding of life and our human roles as we shape the new way of being that is offered humankind at the end of this century."
Jamie Sams, author of Medicine Cards

"Michael's story is an inspiration to those in search of their truth."
Charles Chipps, Lakota elder

"Hull's words describe a direct, everyday communication with Great Spirit and a relationship with prayer that is equally pure.  Essential reading for those interested in honoring and practicing Native spirituality with integrity." 

Napra ReView, March / April 2001

His straightforward storytelling in Sun Dancing shares deep messages about love and finding your true path. This fine, honest book will have particular relevance to many.
Isabelle MacKenzie, New Age Retailer, July/August 2001

"A profound spiritual journey into the largest and most important life-giving ceremony in the Lakota spiritual tradition, by the only white man to be confirmed as a Sun Dance Chief by traditional Lakota elders."
The Light Connection, November 2001

"Overall, Sun Dancing is a fascinating book: one that some will cherish."
Barbara Ardinger, PanGaia, Autumn 2001