The Wheel of Change Tarot

Excerpts & Samples

By Alexandra Genetti

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Alexandra Genetti

Alexandra Genetti
Alexandra Genetti is an artist, astrologer, and Tarot reader. She lives with her husband and three children in Northern California.



The vivid, detailed watercolors of this 79-card deck and book set celebrate the scope of human experience in images from cultures around the world. Ten years in the making, The Wheel of Change Tarot turns the art of Tarot into a means of bringing greater richness and meaning to everyday life. In brilliant, detailed watercolors, Alexandra Genetti captures the scope of human existence, as her images from cultures around the world combine to make a deck full of archetypes for a new millennium. By remaining true to the traditional structure of the Tarot but infusing it with layers of pattern and meaning drawn equally from the natural world, Goddess-centered beliefs, traditional religions, and contemporary culture, The Wheel of Change Tarot transcends any single belief system. It triggers a realization of the deep interconnected nature of all things and of the eternal cycle of transformation, of change, that is the only constant in the world. The Wheel of Change Tarot includes many new spreads for doing sophisticated readings, a solitaire game designed to help beginners familiarize themselves with the Tarot, and guides to astrology and symbolism that will help readers develop their own philosophical system. 
"A brilliant, imaginative reconception of the traditional deck. Alexandra Genetti's interpretations are deeply thought out, ripe with both knowledge and sensitivity. Her paintings are beautiful, imaginative in conception, rich in detail, realized with great skill. I highly recommended it!"
Starhawk, author of Spiral Dance and The Fifth Sacred Thing

"A rich quilt of cards that will brighten the dullest of days and bleakest of moments."
Tarot Newsletter

"Alexandra Genetti's fine Wheel of Change Tarot deck is often achingly beautiful to behold. Her Symbols are well-chosen and her execution always good, sometimes great. Her book is warm and intelligent, itself a remarkable accomplishment of scholarship of the lore of Pagan folk worldwide and across time. For longtime classical readers, the Wheel of Change Tarot is stimulating and challenging."
Diane Conn Darling, Pangaia

"Alexandra Genetti is a wonderful artist and her dedication to the spiritual tool of Tarot is clear. This deck and book and the insight with them are true gifts of the spirit. Enjoy this deck as a gallery of delights, a divination tool and a system of personal development and learning. It works on many levels."
Pagan Review of Books, No. 2, February, 2001

"The Wheel of Change Tarot was more than 10 years in the making - and it was well worth the wait!", May 2001