5 A.M. & Already Behind

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By Don Kennedy

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

5 A.M. & Already Behind

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Don Kennedy
Donald E. Kennedy is a respected authority in family medicine and disease prevention with special interests in the neuroscience of change, leadership, and the habits that drive our lives. He is a family physician, author, professional speaker, teacher, and business consultant who teaches t More...



It's 5 A.M and Mike is already behind. Not just today, it's everyday. His hours merge and the years pass and every morning he opens his eyes and swears, "This is the day," but it never happens. Mike is overwhelmed and lives a frustrating and cluttered life. His work dictates his health, sleep and, relationships and he's never caught up. Time and change are elusive and he knows it and feels it. Mike's life takes a curve when he notices his co-worker, Ben, has become his opposite; healthy, happy and well organized. Through Ben, Mike is directed to a man with rules and a black workbook. Over the next few months Mike does searching assignments and meets his new friend at unusual locations where they discuss Mike's discoveries. It's there that Mike learns powerful lessons and an unusual word. In the end, Mike learns how to start living the story he wants and was created to tell... rather than the one he's being forced to tell. What is the word and lessons that change Mike's days