7 Power Words: A Guide to a Truly Happy and Meaningful Life

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By Letty R Vendramini

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

7 Power Words: A Guide to a Truly Happy and Meaningful Life

ABOUT Letty R Vendramini

Letty R Vendramini
Letty R. Vendramini is an international speaker, author, personal and happiness coach, Internet infopreneur, educator, philosopher, newspaper columnist, reporter, editor, writer, and author. Letty's teaching career in the tertiary level spans twelve years, both in the Philippines and in Au More...



The 7 Power Words: A Guide To A Truly Happy And Meaningful Life reveals to you that it is possible to have the life you've been longing for. The answer can be found in living by the seven incredibly powerful words revealed in this book. That's right - just seven words are all that are standing between you and your dream right now. Learn and live the power of these seven simple words and live your life to the fullest!This is a turnkey to the secrets of your success, fulfillment, peace, joy, spirituality, happiness and meaning in life. Step up the next level of your life.Achieve your desire for a life well-lived. Begin it. Now!