Best of Wyland

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By Wyland Wyland

Publisher : Hansen House Publishing

Best of Wyland

ABOUT Wyland Wyland

Wyland Wyland
Wyland, the world's premier marine-life artist. The painter, sculptor, writer, muralist and underwater photographer is one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of our day.



Long before today's global environmental movement, Wyland was bringing life-size images of giant whales to buildings in the heart of many of the world's great cities. In "The Best of Wyland," the indisputable creativity of this showman for the environment comes alive with rare photographs, behind-the-scenes stories of his rags-to-riches success, and removable facsimile memorabilia--from drawings and plans for his half-mile-long mural for the Beijing Olympics, mural tours, eco-projects, and monumental sculptures . . . to rare images of his underwater scuba diving adventures. It's a never-before-seen peek into the mind of one of the most transformative figures in American art and environmental awareness.