Crowded Thoughts

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By Duane Harold Connell

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Crowded Thoughts

ABOUT Duane Harold Connell

Duane Harold Connell



Crowded Thoughts is an anthology of poems that Duane Harold Connell wrote over a span of twenty-five years. He believes that poetry is a peculiar thing. It can lift us to heights of ecstasy or drag us through the depths of despair. It can hum along and quietly seduce us or slap us in the face with harsh realism. The ideas for his poems came to him as small impressions that coalesced into complete thoughts. Eventually, those thoughts became? crowded.? They had a weight that was palpable and persistent and became impossible for him to suppress. They are a written expression of feelings he believes we all have. He thinks anyone can be a poet. The skill lies not in the choice of individual words but in the impact they have when they are properly combined. You don?t need to be well read or formally educated. You only need an idea and the will to express it. He hopes this book will help you find your unique voice and a passion for expressing your own ?crowded thoughts.?