How to Attain Your Desires, Volume 2: How to Live Life and Love It!

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By Genevieve Behrend

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

How to Attain Your Desires, Volume 2: How to Live Life and Love It!

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Genevieve Behrend



The Second Lost Treasure You can't imagine my thrill when I discovered yet another long lost gem by one of my favorite authors. I have always felt that her other rare book, Attaining Your Desires, was the Holy Grail of spiritual books. Little did I know that Genevieve Behrend had followed that masterpiece with a second rare volume, the one you are now holding in your hands. If you know of Genevieve's name, it's most likely because of her famous book, Your Invisible Power, which is easily available online and in many book stores. But few people know that she wrote the book I discovered a few years ago and then reprinted, titled Attaining Your Desires. But what even I didn't know is that she had also written a continuation of that book. I stumbled across an original first edition of it, read it, loved it, and began to practice what it teaches. I was amazed to see that this second lost treasure was as good if not better than the first one that I published. I got so excited that I immediately contacted David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing and told him to "Get ready to publish another Genevieve book!" He stopped everything he was doing, got the printer, the designer and everyone else on board, and the result is this book that you are reading. Please read this gem and then get copies for others. You and I and everyone else needs to hear this message. While many teachers remind us that we have the power to change our lives, few of them explain it so clearly as this book reveals. Brace yourself. You're about to create miracles.