The Innovative Mind: Stop Thinking, Start Being

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By Gene N Landrum

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

The Innovative Mind: Stop Thinking, Start Being

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Gene N Landrum



In Dr. Gene Landrum's 14th published work, he offers insight into what makes the world's innovative visionaries tick. This book aims to help readers change from followers to leaders, offering insights into what it takes to become more innovative. Becoming innovative involves destroying the old ways of thinking-personally and professionally-and training the brain to summon its muse and therefore find the pathway to innovative thinking. This book is written with the understanding that studies show that 83% of people are Visual Learners, discerning by seeing an image. Most people go through life believing that the mind is cast in concrete. The reality is that it is cast in putty and is malleable. The Innovative Mind is thirty-three chapters of Innovative Solutions to help the reader on the path to becoming innovative.