Naturally Healthy Dog: Real Dogs Don't Eat Kibble!

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By Sandra Bailey

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Naturally Healthy Dog: Real Dogs Don't Eat Kibble!

ABOUT Sandra Bailey

Sandra Bailey
Sandra got her first dog at age 14, and when she picked out the runt of the litter, and her Mom asked why, she said, ?Because she looked like she needed me.? And that began her love affair with dogs and she has had dogs for over 50 years. Sandra became involved with the Papillon breed in t More...



Could you be unintentionally killing the dog you love? Are you doing everything you can to insure that your dog will live a long, healthy and happy life? Have you been misled into damaging your dog's health and immune system? Why is your dog not healthy today? As your dog's guardian, you have the power to reverse the damage that has been done and improve your dog's health naturally.