Seeking the Light Within

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By Lorraine Lum Calbow

Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

Seeking the Light Within

ABOUT Lorraine Lum Calbow

Lorraine Lum Calbow
Lorraine Lum Calbow has a MA in counseling. She is an author, storyteller, workshop presenter, consultant, teacher, and educational counselor. She has been an educator for 30 years. She is the author of This Little Light of Mine: Remembering the Light Within. Ms. Calbow is a leader. She ha More...



Seeking the Light Within for the Directionally Impaired (A Spiritual Textbook to Self-Love) Learn how to recognize when your guides are speaking to you and how to make contact. Seeking the Light Within for the Directionally Impaired (A Spiritual Textbook to Self-Love) is a result of walking with my spiritual guides. Our spirituals guides are always with us: impressing thoughts, catching our attention through a line in a book or speaking through the voice of others. In October of 1989, I was able to make direct contact with my guides through a medium and minister, Carla Neff Gordan, who channeled an entity known as the spirit guide Mary. Together we climbed mountains, strolled through valleys, rested by the water, and sat in meadows. My journey on earth began in sadness, but slowly turned to joy. By establishing a relationship with my inner spirit, I could recognize the truth of my guides' words, no matter how they communicated to me. By listening and then following my intuition, I was able to change my perception of life. I began to live from love and leave fear behind. For this reason, I have dedicated to this book to all my spiritual guides, whether they are still in physical form or whether they have passed on. As my guides, they brought me back, time and time again, to the present moment by reminding me, "Hardly anyone in your world lives in the now. What is this going to turn into? So when we speak of what is to be, it's with the hope, trying to bring you back to the now and change from this day." When I thought I could not take another step, they whispered hope, telling me I was almost there. When I wanted to hide because of past fears, they would coax me out with empathic wordslike, "You are afraid that if you open to your feelings, you will get hurt. But you feel so much anyway. These are only old fears so say to yourself, 'Peace be still. This is not true.'" When I was discouraged, they would point me in the direction of my aspirations and would tell me how valuable my contributions would be to the earth. With gentle firmness, they nudged me forward towards love, trust, and faith in myself. Let my walk with my guides help you to connect with yours. Let this book assist you establish a relationship with your guides and begin to recognize your inner self by traveling in the right direction, inward rather than outward.