Survivor: A Journey Through Abortion and Back

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By Sheila Harper

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Survivor: A Journey Through Abortion and Back

ABOUT Sheila Harper

Sheila Harper
Sheila Harper is the founder and president of SaveOne, an outreach ministry for women suffering in silence after an abortion. Harper lives near Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and two sons.



Survivor is the true life story of Sheila Harper and her journey through an unwanted pregnancy, the decision to abort, and the life she lived afterward. This book will bring you face to face with the realities of abortion and its aftermath. You will experience a firsthand (sometimes graphic) account of the abortion clinic, the raw emotions, the struggles of unforgiveness, and much more that encompasses this one decision. Then you will see God's miraculous rescue of Harper, who thought she had nothing to live for and nowhere to turn. Yet God has taken her most regrettable mistake and used it to birth a worldwide ministry that is now helping men and women to be free from the choice of abortion.