Think Your Way to Riches Kid's Style

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By Carrie Carter

Publisher : Morgan James Pub

Think Your Way to Riches Kid's Style

ABOUT Carrie Carter

Carrie Carter
At the age of five, Carrie became aware of her intense intuitive gifts and connections to the Universe. These gifts have given her an amazing ability to help others overcome their personal fears and live a more balanced, peaceful, and abundant lifestyle. Through her workshops, personal coa More...



What if there was a Secret Society of Entrepreneurs and Millionaires who kept watch over the hundreds of years of Knowledge of their members? Are YOU ready to change the Destiny of your Childresn or are you going to let them settle for what has always been? Are YOU willing to use a step by step simple process, working with your Children at their own pace even as little as 15 to 30 minutes a day? Are you Ready to teach them to visualize and create the future you have always desired for them? OR are you willing to sit back and let them travel the back roads of life without the "Secret" knowledge of Think Your Way to Riches Kids' Style?