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Tracie Howard
It’s not often that an author who is widely-known for creating diverse, intelligent, sophisticated and charismatic characters, literally could have stepped off the pages of any one of her books. Tracie Howard is just such a person. As a writer, she has completed six nationally-acclaimed More...


Tracie Howard delivers a luxuriously powerful punch in her thrilling follow-up to the steamy best-seller, “Gold Diggers”

Gillian Tillman learned all about landing a wealthy man from her globe-trotting mother, Imelda However, this second-generation gold digger has a style all her own. With big ambitions of becoming a global superstar, she unabashedly slept her way directly into the multi-million dollar clutches of her now-husband, star-producer, Brandon Russell. Not only does he launch Gillian’s film career, he lands her the starring--and Oscar-nominated role--in the hit film Gold Diggers. But alas, it turns out that all which glitters in this very lovely portrait may not be gold.

Gillian is wrestling with the real possibility of Brandon being a mob-connected money launderer….and worse yet, the potential that he may have had a direct hand in the murder of her trusted friend and confidante, Paulette. When compromising pictures of her mysteriously surface on the Internet, Gillian’s Oscar dreams and marriage are both challenged….even as she swears the look-alike in the photos aren’t  her.  With this drama unfolding, she finds that her closest friends are navigating daunting obstacles of their own: Reese’s beloved son falls seriously ill, which forces her to decide between approving a controversial (and risky) procedure to save his life--- at the expense of spilling a closely-guarded secret that could shake her world to its very core. At the same time, her friend Lauren’s newly-won (and hard-fought) happiness has been severely compromised by unimaginable acts of duplicity---from those with whom she trusted her life.

With Hollywood and the highly-charged media/entertainment worlds as fitting backdrops, ”Friends and Fauxs” weaves a sordid tale of the strain relationships can face  under the pretense of greed, success, betrayal…and yes, even murder. Buckle your seatbelts as this inside look at Tinseltown evolves into an unabashed, page-turning romp!

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