Broken Wings

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Lynette Hedrick
Lynette Hedrick is an artist whose talents take many forms. Her journalism articles have been published numerous times in New Zealand’s leading Cosmetic Surgery magazine, ‘Beautiful You’, and lifestyle quarterly, ‘Eye Magazine’. When she's not running her own successful skin the More...



Allison Brownley suspects her husband Jack; but of what, she isn't sure. Hiring a detective, Allison learns that Jack, a research chemist, has developed a new methamphetamine process. When her detective goes missing, she realizes that Jack has left their small town in New Zealand for the US and Allison finds refuge for herself and her children at her parents' home.

But even this safe haven becomes dangerous when Jack returns with a strange woman. As her simple life becomes filled with the treachery and tragedy of those around her, Allison begins to suspect her friends, her allies and her faith in herself.

Broken Wings, like many novels, is based very loosely on inspirations from true events.

Review by: Diana Tormey on Jul. 21, 2009 :
Now here is a pacey story. Intrigue, betrayal, and ultimately resolution. Alison jettisons a life of hurt and disappointment. It is a roller coaster ride, with some sharp set-backs ahead to thwart her hopes.
The cover picture, painted by the writer, portrays Alison. Often impulsive, sometimes confused, she retains her elegance, poise and vivaciousness.
Lynette's first novel gives us a taste of more excitement ahead, with her next book.

Review by: Nat Kyle on Jun. 11, 2009 :

Well done to the author this is an amazing story with lots of twists and adventures. A must read for all women in the world that think they can't escape from thier cage or the monkey that tried to put them in it!!
I also sat up till the small hours of the morning to finish it so I could pass it on to a friend that I new would benefit and grow from it.
Once again well done.
Natalie Kyle
Educator/ Danne Montague King Skincare NZ

Review by: Leanne on Jun. 09, 2009 :

A talented author and artist - a book that is hard to put down once started. As other reviewers have commented, the author has the fantastic ability for setting details of a scene as well as description of characters.
I can not wait for the next book....

Review by: Lizz McEneaney on Jun. 08, 2009 :

Brilliant read! An excellent combination of mystery and crime across two countries. The author depicts both the scenery and her characters with great care and detail. This is a good modern story about a woman's plight against the odds. Once you pick it up you'll find it hard to put down.

Review by: Maureen Spencer on May. 18, 2009 :

I really enjoyed this book set in New Zealand. It's well written, the story moves at a fast pace and illustrates how a persons life can progress very quickly from bad to terrible. A good read I recomend it.
Maureen Spencer

Review by: Daphne McKenzie on May. 08, 2009 :

An awesome book. Very hard to put down when you start reading as the book is truly sensational.
Lynette has great imagination and so nice she has set the scene in Christchurch, New Zealand, our beautiful Country.

Review by: Seattle Reader on Apr. 26, 2009 :

Readers will quickly notice the author’s talent for setting details of a scene. An enviable ability. It is an area where, when writing stories, I have experienced much difficulty so I appreciate the skill when I see it an author. Lynette plainly showed from the start that the main character had a bundle of trouble. As the story progressed she effectively projected the threat of unimaginable problems ahead.

Seattle Reader

Review by: vanessa green on Apr. 19, 2009 :

This book is amazing - I have been up at 4am reading it and cant put it down. Adventure, passion and sensation!! Just love that its is set in 1980s and reminds me of many things!!
a must read
Editor Eye magazine