Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar

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By Deborah Ranchuk

Publisher : White Mountain Publications

ABOUT Deborah Ranchuk

Deborah Ranchuk
Deborah Ranchuk was born in southwestern Ontario, Canada. She moved to St. Catharines (ON) to attend and eventually graduate from Brock University (B.A.) She has served on the National Executive for the Canadian Authors Association since 1991, serving as CAA Treasurer 1998-2005. In July More...


The Canadian Writer's Contest Calendar is an annual publication listing Canadian writing contests and awards by deadline date. It contain full contest information and submission information, as well as contact links to verify updates. Index of contest names and more information available on the home page for this book. The 2010 edition will be available Nov 9, 2009.

"...thanks for producing this calendar. The number of submissions has been rising steadily over the past two or three years, and some of that may be due to your work. I've also added you to our list of media to be notified about the nominees and winners."

Cheryl Freedman, Executive Director, Crime Writers of Canada