Sex and the Single Beer Can

ABOUT Walter Brasch

walter brasch
award-winning social issues columnist, author of 16 books, university professor of journalism



Dr. Brasch presents a light-hearted (but powerful) look at the nation's media, incouding the First Amendment, reporting practices, ethics, labor issues, diversity, government, crime, obscenity, entertainment, persuasion, advertising, PR, and the new technology


 “Outrageous and irreverent, but always on target. Better than most of what passes as commentary in the daily press.” —Donald Bird, professor and former chair, journalism, Long Island University


“Insightful, readable and tightly written.” R. Thomas Berner, professor emeritus and former journalism head, Penn State


“Walter Brasch is both refreshingly irreverent and irreverently fresh. Little escapes his attention. This is a book about the media, politics, government, war, political incorrectness, religion, the injustice system, the health industry and other corporations, Miss America and, yes, sex and beer. He ties these subjects together under a double-barreled heading of the foibles and strengths of American society. His approach is both biting criticism and healthy respect, both creative imagination and deep understanding. Most of all, Sex and the Single Beer Can is a plea for a better media and a better place in which to live. . . . Because it is broad in its scope, it’s also suitable for a variety of journalism/mass communication classes either as a primary or secondary text. It could add important perspectives to classes in ethics, media management, media economics, media and society, media criticism and a variety of other subjects of journalistic interest.” Ralph Izard, former associate dean, Manship School of Journalism, Louisiana State University; professor emeritus and former director, Scripps School of Journalism, The Ohio University


“Effective and powerful. In Dave Barryesque fashion, Brasch weaves sights, sounds, feelings, and attitudes into clever, playful, entertaining essays. Brasch provides an excellent guide for students trying to learn the art of writing. For a teacher, this collection offers models of tone, dialogue, description, narrative voice, and point of view.”— Beverley Pitts, president, University of Indianapolis; forrmer provost and professor of journalism, Ball State University