Front Page News


By L.K. Campbell

Publisher : L.K.Campbell

ABOUT L.K. Campbell

L.K. Campbell


Jess McElroy has always wanted to write front-page news, but she becomes front-page news when a stalker disrupts her life. The suspects include her ex-boyfriend who can't seem to let go of her. Then again, her new boss Parker Montgomery has a secret past that might spell trouble for Jess. When the person hounding her becomes more dangerous, Parker insists that she move in with him for protection. Both Jess and Parker are determined to keep their growing attraction in check, but as the peril increases, so do the sparks between them.
"Ms. Campbell writes from knowledge, using her newspaper background as setting in this sweet yet spicy romance. The author's authentic southern voice is reflected throughout the tale, adding an extra layer of nuance.
Jess McElroy is an everywoman, easily recognizable. Readers can step into her shoes and see through her eyes, making the terror she feels when events spiral out of control all the more believable.
"--by Cerri Ellis, The Shape of Imagination