Liquid Reflections: A Stream of Fluid Prose


By B.M. Song

Publisher : Publish America


B.M. Song
Born Jan 7, 1977 in her hometown of Clarksville, TN, B.M. Song (Brandy-Michelle) is an up and coming newly published author/poet. She is ecstatic about her first book of prose, "Liquid Reflections: A Stream of Fluid Prose" to come out October 10th of this year! She has been writ More...


Divided into five unique sections, Liquid Reflections takes its readers On a fluid voyage from intense passion, personal sorrow and grief, Surreal fantasy, Taboo social issues, and finally cascades down to the spiritual awakening that takes the reader full circle into the author’s realm. Each piece carries itself and presents a unique perspective on the themes covered within the whole collective work.
6 X 9 Soft bound and hardbound format.

Liquid Reflections has been over a six year labor of love. The written word has kept me sane and having the gift to express it in such a beautiful form is one of my greatest accomplishments. Having it published is an even bigger accomplishment. Something I just felt would happen one day. Oddly enough, I am still wrapping my mind around the whole idea of it all! Every piece of prose in this collection is a part of me. It is me becoming vulnerable to the world, something that has been the most difficult thing for me to do. However, as an artist, a writer, it's something that is a necessary evil for the sake of the success of my work. I hope those who read this will be able to see it for what it is.


"Liquid Reflections is a recommended read for anyone who enjoys or is interested in poetry that works to evoke a rainbow of emotions."

Reviewer: Lisa Haselton, Allbooks Reviews.

Million Dollar Books Reviews give Liquid Reflections by B.M. Song 5 Diamonds <> <> <> <> <>

"... a fascinating journey through the mind of an exceptionally intellectual poet with the ability to captivate every human emotion. Her poetry is massively ingenious and written with a brilliant intervention."

Overall this was a magnificent read!"

Reviewer: Leandus Poe, (CEO) Million Dollar book Reviews

"The words captivate you in a way, that you can feel her passion of writing. Her poetry is like reading the story of life and the emotional ride each person will endeavor."


Reviewed by Zetta Hupf