Batty Malgoony's Mystic Carnivale: A Magical Drawing Escapade

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By K. Michael Crawford

Publisher : Virtual Book Worm

ABOUT K. Michael Crawford

K. Michael Crawford
I like to see the world in a silly way and when I come across something whimsical it has a major effect on my writing and art. Maurice Noble, a Disney Animator, told me once that if you want your work to be 3-D then you need to have a 3-D life. Lots of experiences and lots of adventures. S More...



      Batty Malgoony’s Mystic Carnivale.

Come one! Come all! To be a part of the flabbergastingly, magnificient, quirky

Children’s Book Author and Illustrator, K. Michael Crawford brings to you Batty Malgoony’s Mystic Carnivale- A Magical Drawing Escapade.

Batty Malgoony, owner of the Mystic Carnivale, is in search of artists who can create and draw absurd performers, wacky characters and beastly creatures for his amazing and mysterious Carnivale. The artist visits different parts of Batty’s Carnivale and is asked to fill in the uncompleted areas on each page to complete that part of the Carnivale. No drawing experience necessary. Just imagination required.

Batty Malgoony was born in Skull Valley, AZ and at a young age was thrust into the dazzling Carnivale life. One day, his parents told him that they were taking him to the dentist, but instead left him at the Traveling Waladaba Carnivale. He knew instantly that he found his place in life among the Carnies and Animals. After he learned all the ropes, so to speak, to running a Carnivale, Batty set out to create the world’s best Carnivale and his efforts earned him the prestigious Big Bertha Award. The word in the Carnivale world is that Batty could make an act out of Snugs if he wanted to have them perform. Batty’s Mystic Carnivale has performed for Royalty, Presidents and the most serious skeptics and left them cheering in the end. The Queen of England was so impressed that she knighted Batty on the spot. Batty is a member of the Harlequin Society and The Gaffers and Funambulist Club.

When not traveling with his Carnivale in the off-season, Batty kicks off his clown shoes and can be seen on his farm in Wicked Springs, WY. If you get an inkling, stop by and say hello to Batty. But be warned, you might wind up as one of his acts.

K. Michael Crawford, the creative force behind Batty, can be found most days stuck up on the tightrope trying to get down.


Batty Malgoony’s Mystic Carnivale- A Magical Drawing Escapade.

60 pages, Full Color Book, 7 years old and up.

© 2009 K. Michael Crawford. All Rights Reserved.

I created this book, because I was seeing that children weren't using there imagination as much as they use to. Imagination can see all the possibilities and one person's imagination can change the world.

This is a fantastic book that encourages creativity.

This book is awesome! It is chock full of vibrant, colorful, enchanting illustrations. What's even better is that it encourages children to use their own creativity and draw their own pictures in the places provided. Your child will love this book and will no doubt spend hours using his/her imagination.

Carla Burke, TX


This is a bright, happy colorful book with witty characters that brings out the little artist in my six year old. Drawing in the character's faces is lots of fun and urges creativity and imagination! K. Michael Crawford's illustrations are amazing!

Diane Czerkies

A fanciful blend of reading and creativity!

First I must say that this is a book I would have adored as a child. Heck - I adore it now! With its fantastic illustrations and imaginative characters, you will get the best of both worlds. For many children, reading is a task to be completed. Yet here the author and illustrator draw the child in, allowing them to utilize their imagination to complete the scenes. While there is no story written down here, there certainly is a visual feast of a story that any child, artist or not, could have hours of fun with. 

Kelly Dollard

How many interactive picture books can you find for children aged 4 to 8 years? Not many, I surmise. Batty Malgoony’s Mystic Carnival is an interactive picture book that takes children on a magical drawing escapade. Appealing especially for boys, this book if filled with weird, wacky and wonderful creatures come to life on the page via K. Michael Crawford’s vibrant illustrations. And what is so fun about this book is the child is asked to participate in drawing the characters in spaces provided. The characters then become part of the story. 60 pages of fun. 

Kelly Long Burstow

"Batty Malgoony's Mystic Carnivale: A Magical Drawing Escapade" is a wonderful drawing and art experience book for children age 7 and up. All the different sections of the Mystic Carnivale are presented with strategic blank spaces for the reader to draw suggested creatures or props to complete Batty Malgoony's Mystic Carnivale. Readers/artists may draw in the spaces in the book, or may use colored pencils and markers, erasers and paper to create their own scenes with backgrounds too. Artists/readers must agree to the Straight Up which requires the artists to use no drawings of weapons in any of their pictures. Artists are asked to be creative and clever instead, and find something that will fit with the theme of the drawing page instead. "Batty Malgoony's Mystic Carnivale" is a great boost to the creative spirit and besides that, it is full of fun.

Midwest Book Review- 

October 2009 Children's Bookwatch

Another masterpiece

Another spectacular masterpiece by K Michael Crawford,Another creative book that my 8 year old loved. 

The reader is asked to draw in the imaginative characters, and creatures, on each page of this colorful book.This is definately a book for an imaginative kid and which kid isn't? 

This is a great book for travel,for snowy days and for just, "Mom I am bored" days.I highly recommend 

K Michael's books they are that well done.

Sangeeta Ankaraju

Wicked Fun

What could be more fun than a crazy circus tour where you have to draw in some of the characters? My six-year old daughter thinks Batty Malgoony's Mystic Carnivale is a lot of fun (her favorite thing at school is art). My four year old son finds it a little creepy. While I generally encourage my kids NOT to write in books, I really liked the interactive "use your imagination" factor of this one. The illustrations were very appropriate for a mystic carnivale that only runs at night. I found the cow tied to the train disturbing and I wasn't crazy about the road-kill cafe, but I know a lot of kids go through a Gross is Great! phase. This is the sort of book that I would think has a lot of both boy and reluctant reader appeal. One thing I thought was really good was that some draw-in areas were completely blank and some that needed perspective (for example, a chair and a tricycle) had very faint lines to help young artists understand how to draw those objects. I would recommend giving a sketch pad or packet of typing paper along with this book; that way children will have some artwork to hang on the fridge and can go back to their favorite scenes again and again.

A.B. Richardson- Artemis Greenleaf

Absolutely creative,

An activity book for the younger set, but certainly to be enjoyed by one and all. Think of this as a guided coloring book where your imagination fills in the whys and wherefores of the story. Absolutely creative and, once again, weapon free. I love all the loose ends and fill-in-the blanks for endless hours of imaginative self-entertainment. Lisa Barker