Toofani Days, Valentine Nights

General Fiction

By Sharon Gupta

Publisher : Life of Riley Productions, UK

Toofani Days, Valentine Nights

ABOUT Sharon Gupta

Sharon Gupta
I'm an Indian Civil Servant and a writer. I'm currently posted as Director (Internal Audit) in the Ministry of Communications, New Delhi. My multicultural romance fiction novel, TOOFANI DAYS, VALENTINE NIGHTS is just out as an ebook on My second romance novel, THE MARIN More...



Falling in love can be a dangerous thing especially if you’re a young, attractive British girl in a conservative Indian town… Toofani Days, Valentine Nights is a contemporary, multicultural romance set in Agra, city of the Taj Mahal. ‘Toofan’ is the Hindi word for ‘Storm.’ The story centres round the tumultuous love affair between Jennifer Gayle, an English Research Student, and Sanjay Rana, a rich young Indian businessman.

Indian society is in a constant state of flux and, very often, there's a clash between traditionalism and modernism. Events such as Valentine's Day are becoming increasingly popular but these also bring young Indians into conflict with right-wing elements that oppose 'Mall Culture', 'Pub Culture' and Western festivals like Valentine's Day. This year the Police was out on the streets to protect young lovers on the 14th of Feb! I believe firmly that we must hold on to the freedom that we so love; it came at a heavy price. It's this turmoil that inspired me to write TOOFANI DAYS, VALENTINE NIGHTS, a fast-paced, multicultural romance. It's now available as an ebook on

Happened upon 'Toofani Days...' by chance and was surprised to find it unputdownable. Very interesting story, completely new theme. I hope the novel achieves the success it deserves. I loved Sanjay Rana- part rake, part lover, flawed and believable. Sharon Gupta, I wager you'll hit the big time before long. Congratulations. Roger Bates (review on
  1. Can't wait to pick up some copies for christmas gifts. Easy enjoyable reading. An enlightning reflection of current Indian society. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something easy to read which is informative and entertaining. (Posted on 27/08/2009)
  2. Rollicking new story! Review by Love Hurts!

    Toofani Days, Valentine Nights! What a title! The writer sure has a way with words. From the first few lines, the plot grabs your attention. I'm certainly going to recommend the book to all my friends. Trying to get some copies through pals in the UK. I just love the idea of a Valentine's Express! Way to go, Sharon Gupta! This is Donna Karen writing from Bangalore. (Posted on 27/08/2009)

  3. Good Theme Review by Joseph Mathew

    The theme is good and current. But as it is a novel and not an essay , readability matters. I wish the author all success and hope she will read ," The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy to find out how we can make a serious story more readable.A little bit of humor is always good. But I congratulate Sharon Shefali
    for taking such a bold subject for her novel. Greetings from Kerala. (Posted on 09/08/2009)

  4. love--ultimate truth Review by yashwant

    the novel is a love story ,a dangerous way to deal with, love rules , the girl and the boy also wins. the sena is ignored, a good novel to read.T aj mahal and Agra revisited, in my memories.
    yashwant kothari,jaipur,india. (Posted on 27/07/2009)

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