Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source

Christian Books

By Reece Manley

Publisher : Advocate USA Publishing

ABOUT Reece Manley

Reece Manley
A progressive Christian author and emerging spirituality expert who writes with the passion of God's inclusive compassion for all of us.  Love, really is, all we need.


Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source is the account of Dr. Reece Manley's near death experience while battling a five month acute illness.  He crossed and returned with the victory of God's love.  Follow through the full death experience and crossing to find the love and peace which waits for us all with the Creator.  For anyone needing hope or inspiration, this book will open your eyes and heal your heart.
"Five Stars" - Amazon!
"You will believe!" - Amazon
"The best near death experience book...." - Craig Williams, PhD
"Simply inspirational!  You will laugh, cry, pray, praise!" - Freda Chaney, DD