MIGHTY INSPIRATION, Love Letters from God

Religion & Spirituality

By Barbara Miller

Publisher : Eloquent Books

ABOUT Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller
My first memory is at the age of 3 when I entered an orphanage as a ward of the State.  At that time I was the youngest and considered the baby of the place.  I lived there with some of my brothers & sisters from age 3-8.  We even had school right there in the orphanage so we never  More...


Barbara Bernard Miller has a unique pen pal.

In her book, Mighty Inspiration, Love Letters from God, published by Eloquent Books, she takes on subjects such as relationships, passion, harmony, progress, forgiveness, and more. Or rather, she just delivers messages on those subjects. The words themselves, according to Miller, come from God.

"Last year I had a truly spiritual experience and personal message from God that needs to be given to the world," she said. "I captured the experience in writing along the way. It's a message about love, creativity, and encouragement for each of us to use our gifts to change our world."

Don't ask Barbara Miller to tell you about her book. In her eyes, the book and its messages come directly from the Divine.

"The fact is, these messages are a direct communication from God," she said. "It is God's intention to reach His people and for this time and place, I am the vehicle by which to do that. This is God's message. I quickly realized that, while I was not the source of the book, I was to be the instrument by which it would be written. A dear friend used the word 'catalyst' for my role in bringing this book to life. That’s a good word for it."

"The book is full of words of encouragement, as well as instructions for living a life that can change our world," she added.

"These messages exist in the world as universal truths," Miller said. "God doesn’t pre-destine our lives but He honors the choices we make no matter what they are. God still actively provides messages – to everyone really. For believers this isn't much 'breaking news' but to seekers, it might be."

Barbara Bernard Miller is donating 50% of all her profits from this book to charity.

A year ago when I started to hear God's words stir in my heart I never imagined that I could actually write a book or that the book would be published. I had heard and felt God in my life before and it always provided peace or challenge for me in the moment. But this was different! Way different! God's words were so strong inside of me that I had to capture them in writing. He led me on a journey of self discovering and broadening my vision for my purpose on this earth. And he challenged me to help others find their purpose and their gifts for this world. We are all here to make choices - big and small choices that will move the world to a better place. God has a message for all of us. See what he said to me.

Martha White Warren:  Mighty Inspiration is mighty inspirational - such a fitting title. I read the book from front to back first but the real value I find is when I need inspiration or a sense of hope and possibilities, I pick up the book and randomly select a chapter to read. I feel like God is talking to me through the author. I highly recommend it. 

Barnes & Noble Reader 1:  This book came to me at just the right time. It seemed as though each chapter was written to speak directly to me. I can go back and read each chapter over and over again, and get something new from it each time. I have recommended this book to many friends and family members. If you are a spiritual person at all, you will want to have this book in your library. I really hope the author continues to write. I am anxiously awaiting the next book.

Barnes & Noble Reader 2:  Through the words of Mighty Inspiration we see with open eyes God's intent for our lives. He guides us to discover our gifts, live with joy, passion, and uniqueness. We learn to be in harmony with ourselves and our choices, and in our relationships with others. God teaches us create and live in the fullness of His intended creation. You will want this book at your bedside to bring peace to your mind and soul!