ABOUT Heather LaVine

Heather LaVine
Heather is a wife and mother of three gorgeous children. She started writing at the tender age of seven, writing short stories and reports for school as extra credit.

As an adult, she opened a freelance writing company for businesses who needed help promoting their products or  More...



Have you ever caught a movement out of the corner of your eye, only to look and there was nothing there? That is what Heather has tried to capture in 'These Are The Moments'. This collection of short stories will bring you a glimpse into someone's life, if only for a moment. Each story has it's own unique tone, situation and conclusion. You'll be left wanting more!
This is very clever writing. What you achieve here is the Zen Buddhist equivalent of moment capture. That first piece, sitting on the Pewter carpet, enjoying the moment, the sky and the breeze. You breathe life so effectively into the scene with your words. A.W.

Writing short-stories is an incredibly difficult art. I think these are wonderful, very atmospheric, focused on character (as short-stories should be). You have a voice that resonates through the three I read. This would be a great book to take on the subway in the morning - your lovely imagination and imagery, short and sweet, to begin the day.