The War Within Diary of a Weekend Warrior


By Chantel Isner

Publisher : lulu

ABOUT Chantel Isner

chantel isner
Chantel has been writing for three years. She started after her tour overseas. After witnessing things that just needed to be written down she published her first book.


The Army sent out a call to send more troops overseas. SPC Sophia James’s is forced to answer the call of the Army, as a member of the National Guard. She packs her bags, and heads to Afghanistan. During mobilization she meets SPC Aden Maser. He turns her world upside down; leaving her broken and alone. Sophia finally gets the courage to get back in the game called life, but Aden is always there to pull her back down into the warmth of his embrace. His embrace always seems to burn her. Breaking Sophia’s heart comes naturally to Aden. To heal from the wounds Aden afflicted Sophia with she finds herself in the arms of the strong protector type of man Taylor Haze. But her protector turns out to be a jealous and controlling man. After breaking away from Haze she finds herself caught between Taylor and Aden. Can Aden be the man that Sophia desperately needs him to be? Or will she have to survive the war, and Aden? Can she find love in the midst of a war?

Most of the plot is based on a true story. I'll never tell which parts though.