Thanatos Path to Immortality

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Decoyar Brown

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Decoyar Brown
I am anĀ Author/Illustrator out of Orlando FL. I wrote my first novel titled Thanatos Path to Immortality. I was a major in Computer Animation at Fullsail Real World Education. I decided to start writing a few years ago though i made my first comic book when i was thirteen years old titled More...



A young Greek warrior sent through time- the 30th Century- to protect a city from Mystical beings called, Phantoms as the seek the power of immortality to challenge the Gods of Mount Olympus.

I had a passion for writing from a young age. I wrote and drew my first comic book when I was eleven years old. I remember i would draw pictures and sell them to people i know just to earn money and wrote short stories and e-mail them to my friends to read. I got good feedbacks from them and I decided to write a full novel. I could tell a lot of horror stories about the trials and tribulations i had with this book but i would leave that for another time. One of the interesting thing is that characters in my book are named after my friends in High school. I used their names because i would imagine the story when i was in high school and i would draw my friends and i fighting these monsters The story behind this book is interesting because I based part of this story from a situations I had. I had got into a fight with a guy who was 6'2'' and 210 pounds and i was 5'8'' and a 180 about three years ago and I didn't loose to him... surprisingly. I based that fight between my main character Bellatrix and a phantom named Havok from the fight with the bully. Another interesting thing about that is, I saw the guy two or three years after our fight, and he was a changed man. I believe that was because of the fight we had, but if you wan to know more about 'Story behind my writing' just drop me a line. thanks

The book was very interesting, I was hooked on the first paragraph the moment I start reading. I love the lead protagonist Rick, because he's just like my oldest son, laid back and not too sure of himself. This book helped me to help my son through is tough time because he too didn't believed in himself. Further more I like the end of the book because it described Rick's growth as a man and all the troubles he had to go through to get there. Thanks for a great story. Hope to read the follow-up books. Ricardo from Orlando FL

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